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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Makan-makan @ Andrew Ure Hall

Arini saya dan Amien were invited for makan-makan @ Andrew Ure Hall. Shaker, one of Amien's coursemates were holding the makan-makan. There was a lot of great food there. Shaker is a Muslim Syrian, so all the food is HALAL. Easy for me to eat (melantak sebenarnye) everything without doubt.huhu. Other people also brought their food. Paula (Thai girl) brought Chicken Rice, unfortunately the chicken  was not halal so we can't try that. But the nasi n the sauce is really nice. I like it. Bukhola also brought some Nigerian food and it was nice too. Siap ade pisang goreng lagi. hehe..
 Me??haha.tak bawak pe2 pon. tak sempat nak masak la. (Alasan je tu..heh)
Anyway, all of them were treat me nicely. Maybe sebab saya pregnant kot.hehe..suke sangat.hahahaha..

After the makan2, we were having fun with Punjabi Dance, Salsa Dance and also Greek Traditional Dance. It were new things to me and I enjoyed it!!

After that, six of us including Giorgos, Kunal, Sudhi, Spiros and his girlfriend, Foteini (she is so nice and pretty..), Amien n I went to the Cafe nearby for a coffee break. Oleh kerana saya tidak mengambil sebarang caffein ketika mengandung, maka saya telah memesan hot chocolate. Saya suke hot chocolate di Cafe ini sbb rasanya yang tidak terlampau manis. Orang kata sedang-sedang saja. =)

For me is really good to have friends from other countries because we can learn  and share a lot of new things with them. Anyway, these are few photos taken from the makan-makan event. Enjoy guys!

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