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Thursday, May 29, 2014

30 Minit Ustaz Don Menelusuri Hidup di Birmingham dan Glasgow

Salam semua,

Last night TV Al Hijrah broadcasted this Program namely "30 Minit Ustaz Don Menelusuri Hidup di Birmingham dan Glasgow "

Yes. He came to Glasgow last month and alhamdulillah we listened to his talk about Akhlak Rasulullah. Our families in Malaysia were so excited to watch in case they see us. Mr Amien was in this show acted as a 'Tuan Rumah' welcoming  Ustaz Don and crew in Glasgow. I didn't see the show actually however I bet he is handsome as always .=)

Ustaz Don & co were in Glasgow for 3 nights and Hawa offered her house for Ustaz Don & family (his son, Don Mustaffa is soooo adorable!) to stay (Hawa's house just opposite my house) while Hawa and family stayed temporarily in our house. In these three days we were were giving an opportunity to host our special guests especially we always gather during dinner time in our house.

As 3 days observation, in my personal opinion, what I can say about Ustaz Don is he is very friendly, always smile and sopan santun. Even though he has very strict and full time table he always try to fulfill others wishes. Everyday somebody will come purposely to visit Ustaz Don in person and he always treat them nicely. During dinner time he will always let everyone eat and when everyone went home, then he will start eating. That what I remembered about him within 3 days.

Thank you Allah for giving us opportunity to meet this young talented ustaz. May Allah SWT always bless and protect him and his family.

and my eldest sister managed to captured photo list of our names as sekalung budi from TV al Hijrah.. =) TQ TV Al Hijrah

Till then,


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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Throwback : Spring Day Out ---> Head of Ayr Farm

Salam all,

Spring is my personal favourite month. Maryam was born in this season. You will know spring is finally here when daffodil started to bloom, then followed by cherry blossoms. Personally I love spring because it reminiscing  the first day I went home after gave birth to Maryam.

Blooming cherry blossoms

So this year Mr Amien organized one day trip to Head of Ayr Farm. About 7 families joined and we received discount on tickets that we purchased. Save money (^_^). Head of Ayr Farm is combination of mini zoo and huge play ground. Quite plenty of animals including camel! We spent one day there enjoying bright sunny day. Overall we were so happy! (^_^)

Till then,

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Throwback : Maryam started to go to pre-school nursery

Salam semua,

For today, I will update about Maryam's nursery. We started sending her to the nursery last year in August. She got a placement at Haghill Nursery Class for a part time afternoon session (1pm-4pm). Normally Mr Amien and I will take turn to send and fetch her to/ from school. Maryam also loves to cycle to school if the weather is bright and sunny. Overall I can say she is really enjoying her school time. She alway draws/paints a picture and bring back to me. According her teacher (during Parent-Teacher meeting), Maryam loves playdoh, jigsaw puzzles and lego. Perhaps she has a talent to be a successful skyscraper engineer in the future like her babah. InshaAllah (^_^). However she is a bit shy especially in a large group. Her teacher told us that she would like to help Maryam to develop her confidence for the next six month progress.

Another update is now she speaks Scottish with me. Sometimes I barely understand what she said and will ask her to explain. hehe. kind of funny. I speak Malay to her so that she will be familiar with Malay words while Mr Amien speaks English. Everyday, I will try not to miss asking her what she did at school so that she knows that I care. I also always ask who is her friend that she played with just to ensure that she is not lonely/antisocial. Being a parent is o challenging I can say. Luckily I have Mr Amien who is really fatherly to Maryam. One of my sources to be a better parent is Mr Amien. He always teach me about children psychology that I always forget. Here some photos of Maryam in her nursery. (^_^)

Till then,

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Throwback : Maryam's 4th birthday celebration

Salam to all,

After more than 2 years being idle, today I will try to write my blog again. (^_^)
Update bout myself? hopefully by this year I can finish my PhD. InshaAllah. Going back for good after that? I guess not as Mr Amien is currently doing his PhD in Glasgow Caledonian University. More stories to share with you..however I will begin with Maryam's 4th birthday celebration. Oh dear.. Maryam is 4 years already. Can't believe how time flies so fast..

To save budget, everything is DIY. From cooking, baking (not really.hihi..Wini made this yummy chocolate cake for Maryam's birthday), decorating etc. Been very hectic and busy, luckily I had assistants like Wini, Hawa and also our masterchef imported all the way from Sunderland, CT,  to come and help me.

Overall, the event was successful despite Mr Amien was sick that time. Both of us were knocked out early as 9pm while Ct, Hawa and Wini still had to entertain other guests. hihi. TQ3x..

And the most happiest person is Maryam! She was very happy playing with her friends. Telling everyone that she is four now. She is absolutely my little anak dara now :) Here some photos I want to share.

Till then..


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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Boxing day wishlist

Salam semua,

Saya xberapa nak sihat lately.Perhaps due to the weather kat Glasgow ni. Dah semakin sejuk je. Need to take plenty of vitamin c. Already Bought stocks for him, Maryam and I. Hope you guys pon take care ye.. Rasenye kene beli jumper gak for windy autumn kat Glasgow ni. Sejuk sampai ke bone marrow gitew.

Oh ye..lg 3 bulan je lg nak boxing day. I siap menabung nak shopping this boxing day. Have several wishlists for Maryam, him and I. hihihi..kalau bab shopping ni mmg best..cam therapy... (^_^)..

One of them is this gorgeous bag....super gorgeous bag I mean. 

Picture taken form her blog

Gorgeous kan..kan...hhihihihii..Tapi I xdela leh pakai mini dress cam dia tu..hihihi

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Anniversary treat

Anniversary treat. We decided to make it compulsory.

Card. Gift. Romantic gateway. 

I bought him a jumper and he bought me a gift card from House of Fraser. (hihi..which is more practical so that I can buy anything that I like)

And we had a lovely romantic lunch at Two Fat Ladies at The Buttery (highly reccommended!). Even though it was a bit pricey however the course meals, the services and the ambient ( and even the lavatory) were so fantastic! No regret to spend every penny here. The restaurant decor resemble scottish culture. And the waiter/waitress were so helpful! (always offer variety breads to try). And what I really satisfied is their concern about our request not to have any alcohol in our drink and meals. They explained every ingredient in the food without prejudice. Which mean they respect us. Here is the link about the restaurant if anyone of you fancy to try

Two Fat Ladies at The Butterly

We chose 3-course meal

And our starter were: 

Freshly prepared soup of the day (his)
Deep fried whitebait salad, thai chilli dressing (mine)

Mine was really delicious. nyum3.. ( I am a big fan of salad anyway)

Then our main:

Fillet of sea bass, soft herb & balsamic potato, creme fraiche & beetroot oil (his)
Grilled smoked haddock, black pudding mash, spring onion cream (mine)

The presentation was really attractive. The portion looks smaller however when we started eating, we hardly to finish because we were soooo full. The onion cream was so tasty.

And  our dessert:

Homemade brandy basket, duo of ice creams, minted caramel (his)
Dark chocolate meringue crush, mint white chocolate sauce (mine)

Notice the brandy? Yeah. it was not a liquor actually. The waiter explained that basket brandy is made from brown sugar and flour only. I prefer his dessert rather than mine.

And lastly  a cup of earl grey tea.. (finished our lunch at 3:15pm and the movie will start at 3:30 pm)

Then we went to the Odeon at The Quay and booked seats for Hope Springs. Nice movies. I even cried.  Reflected our thought about marriage. And even Mr Amien said we have another 28 years before we need to go to counselor. haha. Here is the link about this movie trailer

Hope Springs


That's it. Card. Gift. Romantic Lunch and  a movie.
 And a kiss.

Love u. Love u more. Love u most

And this song I dedicated just for you sayang

P/S: Curious where we sent Maryam? Zillion thanks to Auntie Wini for her willingness to babysit Maryam for 5 hours.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

11 tahun mengenali kamu


Teruja untuk menulis sempena 11 tahun mengenali kamu. Selepas 3 tahun berkahwin dengan kamu. Sesungguhnya kamu menyempurna hidup ini. Melengkapi kekurangan diri ini. Begitulah diri ini melengkapi hidup kamu. (^_^)

Let me share our history with the others ye sayang. We knew since 2001 at  Matrikulasi Penang. Then decided to have like boyfriend-girlfriend relationship since time tu cam trend kan kena ade boyfriend. And some more awk tu cam kiut je nak wat boyfriend..hihihi. sebab tu la konon2nye ade tarikh declare which was 23/09/2001. To be honest, nothing serious that I hope from this relatioship since we were too young. Even some of our friends believed that this relationship will not last. 

Then I went to UKM and you were in UUM. Far. Long distance. Mmmmm... Good to have more guy friends =) And same goes with you. more girlfriends. However, we try to make it work. Our relationship. Every night I will buy burger double that will cost me RM2.50 and I will pay RM3.00 so that I can call you from public phone with 50 sen. I never miss that. Call you after midnight to save more. We decided that I should call you because it was more affordable to call from Bangi public phone to KL mobile number rather than you call me from Sintok public phone to my KL mobile number which was ridiculous expensive. Yeah. That time when we still rely on PTPTN.hihihi. And every day call thing, really works. To strength our bond. 

When we was in Uni, you were a bit immature I can say ..hihi..toooooo much of jealousy. Luckily we were far away. Kalu idak, kene bawah ketiak kamu sahaja. So I still can hang out with my guy friend ( even though you were came out with this rule. Kalau nak keluar ngan kawan lelaki, pastikan bilangan ganjil. paling kurang 3 orang ( 2 perempuan, 1 lelaki) or 5 orang (3 pompuan 2 lelaki). However, in the end I agreed that this rule is needed to ensure the relationship safe from faktor luaran.

Admit that I knew several potential serious boyfriends to be (sort of) during Uni..however there was 1 particular event that  made me decided that you are the one for me. 
I was sad. Really2 sad. Called all  several potential boyfriends to be including you and none was trying to ease my sadness except YOU. You were genuinely care about me. I can feel that you also feel my sadness and I was so touched. Since then I stop calling the rest of the guy and commit 110% to our relationship because I knew that this damn handsome guy is sincere. (Hard to find handsome guy who is sincere nowadays and if you find one, just grab it!.hihihi)

And here we are. 11 years knowing each other. 3 years of marriage. 2.5 years old gorgeous daughter. Plenty of unforgettable memories. We laugh together. We cry together ( I mean I cry and you lend me your shoulder). 

Pray to Allah to bless our relationship. Semoga hubungan ini kekal hingga ke syurga. Aminn..

P/S: Hopefully next post I can share how we celebrated our anniversary. Finger cross.

Till then..  ~~~~~da

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Pulang ke Pangkal Jalan

26 April 2012
Akan pulang ke pangkal jalan
Setelah hampir 36 bulan di perantauan
Soooooooooooooooooooooooo eksaited!!!!!!!!
Harap2 Maryam tahan dengan cuaca di Malaysia
Packing lom siap lagi
Mr Amien je yg reti packing
I reti shopping and spending

Everyday I ask Maryam we will fly to see who...
And she will answer
To see Atuk, Nenek, Granny, Baba....
Damn excited!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Salam semua...

Rindunye kat blog ni..agak lama tak mengupdatekan blog..Honestly being really busy lately. I mean ngan PhD research project. Klu ikutkan scholarship ni, tggal setahun setengah je lagi nak siapkan..SV dah risau2 takut tak sempat siap but being me that tooooooooooooo optimis..hihihihi..rase2nye InsyaAllah boleh siap..Mari sama2 kita doa kat Allah semoga dipermudahkan urusan PhD saya ni..

Anyway 1 part of my projects boleh dikatakan siap..so leh tutup buku lerr gitu..tggal touch up2 sket..
and syukur sangat2 yang abstract for this project was accepted for poster presentation in GA 2011! tahun ni InsyaAllah kami akan beraya di Antalya Turkey le sbbnye conference ni dari 4-9 September..hikhik.. (de sesuatu gak yang saya tengah tunggu2 utk conference ni..kang dah tau result baru kite cite ye..). Dengan bersemangatnya saya akan menyiapkan poster utk conference ini dan sgt excited utk present my work in front of other people. Also I will use this conference to start a new network..mana tau leh wat research placement ke kat mana2 lab..tengah usha2 gak ni..

my second project is more into metabolomics approach in discovery of bioactive compounds from Malaysian actinomycete. Basically this project is collaboration with Dr Nora from UKM.. initial result agak menarik kata my SV. so leh teruskan utk next step.

n my third project is similar to the second project tapi de kesinambungan ngan 1st project. sbbnye saya tgh nak identify interesting compound from endophytic fungi isolated from Vitex pinnata. Special thanks to Kak Ira yang bersusah payah mengejar abang pos laju utk tolong bawakkan sample pokok ni ke UK. Jasamu amat kukenang..hihihi..Also tak lupa utk abah n mak yang tolong masuk kebun orang, siap gergaji dahan lg utk dapatkan sample pokok ni..pengorbanan mak n abah buat saya amat terharu..uwa!!!!! for the third project ni saya tengah establish pure fungi..hopefully nex week leh extract and run NMR utk check chemical profile.

SV bitau taun depan conference kat New York sume orang wajib join!!hehehehe..NY here we come!!hikhikhik..terlebih eksaited tak berkesudahan...

Skang ni tgh sibuk2 apply travel grant.ingat pesan bos lama saya dulu..apply je travel grant dari memana..biar ciput pon tapi nnt leh letak kat CV bg lebih terangkat!

okie la gtg..masak lemak saya tengah menggelegak kat dapur tu..

anyway this wiken lepak umah Yorgos kat Edinburgh..kasi can kat Mr Amien jumpe n lepak ngan kawan baik dia tu..mst banyak gossip (^_^)

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our precious is a big girl now

Salam semua..

Lama je tak update blog ni.
April is very special for us.
Maryam was born in this month. 
I still remember when I was discharged from hospital, cherry blossoms were everywhere
Cantik sangat.. (^_^)

We decided to celebrate her 1st birthday only between 3 of us.
We thought that 1 year old is still too young for Maryam to appreciate a birthday party.
So we just want to spent our quality time together with her..
We brought her to the Soft Toy Play Area in Glasgow. She really loves it!
We noticed that she easily makes new friend. She is sooo adorable..
Bought her few gifts that she needs it.
But the one is more practical gift that we bought for her is..


hehe..her cloths are beranak pinak sampai tak cukup tempat..

Because tak jadi nak g Paris sbb visa Maryam lum dapat lagi 
n teringin sangat nak bwk Maryam jalan2..
so we went to Newcastle during Easter break.
spent 2 nights at here
and you know what Maryam is really happy when we checked in to our room
I mean really2 happy!!!!!
Siap terkinja2 atas katil lg..hehehe 
Mummy gembira sangat bile tengok Maryam happy
Katil is really huge
Muat kami bertiga tanpa perlu tido bentuk L lagi
And tilam dia really2 comfy sampai Mr Amien tanak bangun dari katil..hikhikhik
Kesimpulannya, percutian kali ni mmg refresh and relax!

Few updates about lil Maryam:
She can walk now.Really fast.
She talks a lot..mcm daddy dia..hikhikhik
She can bye bye
She can salam n cium tangan

She loves bird very much.
She can say bird, buah, mama, papa, baba, nene, daddy,nak, dah, no, yes, one, two three,
and banyak lagi..but still not mummy..mmmmmm

She loves to dance
She loves to wear new dress. Good dear. We can shop together then (^_^)
 And she really loves me!

To my beloved cutie pie,
Happy 1st birthday to you
May Allah always bless you
Daddy and mummy will always love you
forever and ever

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