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Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 1 : Lab work begin. Day 1 : Maryam away from me

Yeah. Arini saya officially started my labwork. Phewww...quite exhausted after having a loooooooong break.hehe.
And arini jugak la Maryam berjauhan ngan saya for the 1st time. We sent her to Ibu Hawa, the Supernanny (^_*)

Pagi2 tu masa siapkan Maryam, I was crying...sob..sob..sob..Menangis sbb tak dapat imagine that I will be away from her for more than 5 min. Before this we are always together-gether when Mr Amien go to university but now Maryam...mommy is the one who need to go to uni..

Also, arini kat uni, saya dah start buat labwork. Took my plant material from cold room @ fifth floor (of course with help of RuAn and John). Then, John help me to dry the sample and I will grind it tomorrow ( I will meet John around 11 am and he will teach me how to use grinder). After that I went to RuAn's lab and she was teaching her MPharm student how to do liquid-liquid partition (aqueous layer mix with organic layer in order to get rid of sugar/ salt from the extract). She asked me to watch and learn and of course I am happy to do that. Happy also to smell again all the chemicals such as ethyl acetate and acetone (.haha.chemist yang gila!)

I finished my labwork around 3 pm and I went straight to Hawa's house to meet my sweetie pie (am miss her olredi lorr...) and Mr Amien reached there earlier. Hawa told us that she was behaving nicely. (Maryam tau kot mommy n daddy dia kene pegi school..) Million thanks to Hawa and Kols sbb tlg jagakan Maryam (siap mandikan sume.. =) senang sket keje daddy n mommy..hehhehe)

Tomorrow, we will send her again. Will I cry again?

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4 komplen:

Unknown said...

sian baby maryam..jauh dr mama dia..tp tak pe..hawa yg jaga..so tak yah riso...

Mrs. Amien said...

sian kan yan.. =( windu la kat maryam... seb bek hawa nk tlg jaga...lega sket.. =)

mama_umar_maryam said...

menangis?? eeeiii..(same jeee,hahahaha)

Mrs. Amien said...

hehe..yeke zeti??mmg seghupe le nampaknye kite ni..tangkap leleh cepat sangat..huwahahahha!

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