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Monday, September 24, 2012

11 tahun mengenali kamu


Teruja untuk menulis sempena 11 tahun mengenali kamu. Selepas 3 tahun berkahwin dengan kamu. Sesungguhnya kamu menyempurna hidup ini. Melengkapi kekurangan diri ini. Begitulah diri ini melengkapi hidup kamu. (^_^)

Let me share our history with the others ye sayang. We knew since 2001 at  Matrikulasi Penang. Then decided to have like boyfriend-girlfriend relationship since time tu cam trend kan kena ade boyfriend. And some more awk tu cam kiut je nak wat boyfriend..hihihi. sebab tu la konon2nye ade tarikh declare which was 23/09/2001. To be honest, nothing serious that I hope from this relatioship since we were too young. Even some of our friends believed that this relationship will not last. 

Then I went to UKM and you were in UUM. Far. Long distance. Mmmmm... Good to have more guy friends =) And same goes with you. more girlfriends. However, we try to make it work. Our relationship. Every night I will buy burger double that will cost me RM2.50 and I will pay RM3.00 so that I can call you from public phone with 50 sen. I never miss that. Call you after midnight to save more. We decided that I should call you because it was more affordable to call from Bangi public phone to KL mobile number rather than you call me from Sintok public phone to my KL mobile number which was ridiculous expensive. Yeah. That time when we still rely on PTPTN.hihihi. And every day call thing, really works. To strength our bond. 

When we was in Uni, you were a bit immature I can say ..hihi..toooooo much of jealousy. Luckily we were far away. Kalu idak, kene bawah ketiak kamu sahaja. So I still can hang out with my guy friend ( even though you were came out with this rule. Kalau nak keluar ngan kawan lelaki, pastikan bilangan ganjil. paling kurang 3 orang ( 2 perempuan, 1 lelaki) or 5 orang (3 pompuan 2 lelaki). However, in the end I agreed that this rule is needed to ensure the relationship safe from faktor luaran.

Admit that I knew several potential serious boyfriends to be (sort of) during Uni..however there was 1 particular event that  made me decided that you are the one for me. 
I was sad. Really2 sad. Called all  several potential boyfriends to be including you and none was trying to ease my sadness except YOU. You were genuinely care about me. I can feel that you also feel my sadness and I was so touched. Since then I stop calling the rest of the guy and commit 110% to our relationship because I knew that this damn handsome guy is sincere. (Hard to find handsome guy who is sincere nowadays and if you find one, just grab it!.hihihi)

And here we are. 11 years knowing each other. 3 years of marriage. 2.5 years old gorgeous daughter. Plenty of unforgettable memories. We laugh together. We cry together ( I mean I cry and you lend me your shoulder). 

Pray to Allah to bless our relationship. Semoga hubungan ini kekal hingga ke syurga. Aminn..

P/S: Hopefully next post I can share how we celebrated our anniversary. Finger cross.

Till then..  ~~~~~da

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mama_umar_maryam said...

sweeeeeeet sgt2..semoga kekal hingga ke jannah!
kelaka eh nk kuar dgn kwn laki kene ganjil,nk elak double date la tuh,hahaha

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