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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Anniversary treat

Anniversary treat. We decided to make it compulsory.

Card. Gift. Romantic gateway. 

I bought him a jumper and he bought me a gift card from House of Fraser. (hihi..which is more practical so that I can buy anything that I like)

And we had a lovely romantic lunch at Two Fat Ladies at The Buttery (highly reccommended!). Even though it was a bit pricey however the course meals, the services and the ambient ( and even the lavatory) were so fantastic! No regret to spend every penny here. The restaurant decor resemble scottish culture. And the waiter/waitress were so helpful! (always offer variety breads to try). And what I really satisfied is their concern about our request not to have any alcohol in our drink and meals. They explained every ingredient in the food without prejudice. Which mean they respect us. Here is the link about the restaurant if anyone of you fancy to try

Two Fat Ladies at The Butterly

We chose 3-course meal

And our starter were: 

Freshly prepared soup of the day (his)
Deep fried whitebait salad, thai chilli dressing (mine)

Mine was really delicious. nyum3.. ( I am a big fan of salad anyway)

Then our main:

Fillet of sea bass, soft herb & balsamic potato, creme fraiche & beetroot oil (his)
Grilled smoked haddock, black pudding mash, spring onion cream (mine)

The presentation was really attractive. The portion looks smaller however when we started eating, we hardly to finish because we were soooo full. The onion cream was so tasty.

And  our dessert:

Homemade brandy basket, duo of ice creams, minted caramel (his)
Dark chocolate meringue crush, mint white chocolate sauce (mine)

Notice the brandy? Yeah. it was not a liquor actually. The waiter explained that basket brandy is made from brown sugar and flour only. I prefer his dessert rather than mine.

And lastly  a cup of earl grey tea.. (finished our lunch at 3:15pm and the movie will start at 3:30 pm)

Then we went to the Odeon at The Quay and booked seats for Hope Springs. Nice movies. I even cried.  Reflected our thought about marriage. And even Mr Amien said we have another 28 years before we need to go to counselor. haha. Here is the link about this movie trailer

Hope Springs


That's it. Card. Gift. Romantic Lunch and  a movie.
 And a kiss.

Love u. Love u more. Love u most

And this song I dedicated just for you sayang

P/S: Curious where we sent Maryam? Zillion thanks to Auntie Wini for her willingness to babysit Maryam for 5 hours.

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