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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Throwback : Maryam started to go to pre-school nursery

Salam semua,

For today, I will update about Maryam's nursery. We started sending her to the nursery last year in August. She got a placement at Haghill Nursery Class for a part time afternoon session (1pm-4pm). Normally Mr Amien and I will take turn to send and fetch her to/ from school. Maryam also loves to cycle to school if the weather is bright and sunny. Overall I can say she is really enjoying her school time. She alway draws/paints a picture and bring back to me. According her teacher (during Parent-Teacher meeting), Maryam loves playdoh, jigsaw puzzles and lego. Perhaps she has a talent to be a successful skyscraper engineer in the future like her babah. InshaAllah (^_^). However she is a bit shy especially in a large group. Her teacher told us that she would like to help Maryam to develop her confidence for the next six month progress.

Another update is now she speaks Scottish with me. Sometimes I barely understand what she said and will ask her to explain. hehe. kind of funny. I speak Malay to her so that she will be familiar with Malay words while Mr Amien speaks English. Everyday, I will try not to miss asking her what she did at school so that she knows that I care. I also always ask who is her friend that she played with just to ensure that she is not lonely/antisocial. Being a parent is o challenging I can say. Luckily I have Mr Amien who is really fatherly to Maryam. One of my sources to be a better parent is Mr Amien. He always teach me about children psychology that I always forget. Here some photos of Maryam in her nursery. (^_^)

Till then,

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