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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Throwback : Spring Day Out ---> Head of Ayr Farm

Salam all,

Spring is my personal favourite month. Maryam was born in this season. You will know spring is finally here when daffodil started to bloom, then followed by cherry blossoms. Personally I love spring because it reminiscing  the first day I went home after gave birth to Maryam.

Blooming cherry blossoms

So this year Mr Amien organized one day trip to Head of Ayr Farm. About 7 families joined and we received discount on tickets that we purchased. Save money (^_^). Head of Ayr Farm is combination of mini zoo and huge play ground. Quite plenty of animals including camel! We spent one day there enjoying bright sunny day. Overall we were so happy! (^_^)

Till then,

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