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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Throwback : Maryam's 4th birthday celebration

Salam to all,

After more than 2 years being idle, today I will try to write my blog again. (^_^)
Update bout myself? hopefully by this year I can finish my PhD. InshaAllah. Going back for good after that? I guess not as Mr Amien is currently doing his PhD in Glasgow Caledonian University. More stories to share with you..however I will begin with Maryam's 4th birthday celebration. Oh dear.. Maryam is 4 years already. Can't believe how time flies so fast..

To save budget, everything is DIY. From cooking, baking (not really.hihi..Wini made this yummy chocolate cake for Maryam's birthday), decorating etc. Been very hectic and busy, luckily I had assistants like Wini, Hawa and also our masterchef imported all the way from Sunderland, CT,  to come and help me.

Overall, the event was successful despite Mr Amien was sick that time. Both of us were knocked out early as 9pm while Ct, Hawa and Wini still had to entertain other guests. hihi. TQ3x..

And the most happiest person is Maryam! She was very happy playing with her friends. Telling everyone that she is four now. She is absolutely my little anak dara now :) Here some photos I want to share.

Till then..


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