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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mommy the Menace

Being a mother to Maryam is really enjoying.. (^_^)
Maryam as a child to Nurkhalida Kamal is never seem that easy.
Especially when her mommy is undertaking PhD study and have to work with various experiments in the lab.
Sometimes her mommy can be a little bit crazy.

Anyway, last week I noticed that Maryam developed a new feeling: FEAR.
But I wasn't sure so that I have designed few experiments to answer that question.
And what I did was
mmmmmm........ too long to explain so I recorded one of  FEW experiments... Enjoy watching!!!

 To Maryam's die hard fans : Pls forgive me..hehehhe  (^_*)

Thank God that Maryam has an over-protected father that always protect her from her crazy mommy..

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3 komplen:

nuyu_ai said...

klakar la alid ni ;-)

sera_a said...

alid, comeyyyynya dia nangis!!! jahat ke ckp mcmtu? heheh
kalau aku tau bidak nangis comel mmg aku akn buli2, mcm anak2 nana and adik aku. wuhuuuuuu

Mrs. Amien said...

kak nuyu..hehe..dah kene marah ngan keluarga kat kampung s kacau maryam

sara;haha..mmg sonok buli budak kecik s dia mesti kalahnye lawan kite ni..heheheh

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