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Friday, November 26, 2010

BRAND NEW Ted Baker Boy T-Shirt For Sale!!!!!

Dear all,

 T-shirt for sale!!!!!

I would like to sell this awesome boy t-shirt by Ted Baker (new with tag).
I bought it sometimes last year when I was still pregnant (thought that my baby will be a boy).
It is for boy age 2-3 years and the colour is navy. 100% cotton so definitely suitable for hot weather!
I can guarantee it is NEW! (If you unsatisfied you I will return your money)
Retail Price is GBP 12.50 (RM60) but I will sell it for only RM45+free postage!
Only 1 PIECE! Hurry! First come first serve!
If anyone interested please email me at

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2 komplen:

mama_umar_maryam said...

aisehh..ade x terbeli saiz2 umar & maryam ;)

Mrs. Amien said...

zeti, umar pakai saiz pe? 2 tahun ek?maryam 1 tahun kan..

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