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Sunday, March 7, 2010

2 nights with our Greek friend

Pd malam Rabu n malam Khamis we were having Giorgos (pronounce as Yorgos) in our house sebab Amien n Giorgos were discussing about their case study. Some more Hari Rabu both of them tader kelas so they continued discussing until night. At first he planned to stay one night only but we dragged him to sleep over on the second night.

Yang beshnye Amien n Giorgos yang masak..hehe..sukeeeeeeeeeeenye... (*_*)

Lagi satukan... tak sabar nak g hometown Giorgos kat Greece yang betul2 tepi pantai (menghadap Mediterranean Sea lagi tu..sure cantik gilos..leh la saya sunbathing..huhu)..

Seperti ini.....


dan ini.....
Note: Nanti mintak tolong mak Giorgos jaga baby while I am sunbathing..hehe..good idea eh???

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BuChA said...

sangat cantik~~
cha pn nk ikot gk pasni..hihi

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