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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day Out with UNCLES

Last few weeks we received a visit from Amiens'friend (his coursemates actually ). Actually they want to visit Maryam not us lah..huhuhu..Sungguh ramai uncle-uncle yg visit Maryam. Maryam seem so delightful and she  acted very nice okeh in front of these uncles (maksudnye Maryam tak merengek pon..tdo senyap2 je dalam cot..kan bagus kalau hari2 Maryam camni. senang mommy.huhuhu)

3 handsome uncles held our little cute Maryam

In the evening, all of us went to Alexandra Park (cuaca pon cam besh je kan..) for jalan2 amek angin. Sonok je tengok bunga2 berkembang.. (^_^)..Saya sangat suke...and Mommy tau Maryam pon mesti suke kan...

Thanks uncles because visit Maryam! And pls visit again okey! And dear readers, please enjoy the photos k!

Note : Inilah antara uncles yang contribute beli TV for us. Bless to have very kind friends like you all. 
 Please buy gifts for us again (dasar tak malu. diberi betis nak peha.heheh)

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